June Dating

Connecting People, Not Profiles

What's June All About?

Put simply, June Dating is a new way to find that special someone: 8 in-person dates, 8 minutes each. No hosts. Just a handful of text messages to guide you through the event. It's like hanging out at your favorite local coffee shop or brewery, making new connections, and maybe even finding that special someone. After attending a June Dating event, you'll find out who you matched with the next day – 5:30 PM sharp! It's easy, it's fun, and it works. So swipe left on dating apps, and swipe right on June.

Sick of the Apps? Us Too.

Do you feel like your dating profile reflects all the things that make you you? June gets you straight to the chemistry. No profiles. No swiping. Just fun, easy, in-person get-togethers. At June, screens are out and IRL is in.

How Does it Work?

June Dating events are all about simplicity and fun. Just bring your authentic self, an open heart, and a phone with full battery. We'll guide you every step of the way with a few good ol' fashioned text messages so you have a seamless, memorable experience. From matching you up with dates to partnering with venues that provide a welcoming atmosphere, we've got it all covered. So shine on sunshine and let the people see all the brightness you bring!

Where Can I Find June?

Our events have the potential to pop-up anywhere in the USA, fueled by the enthusiasm of individuals like you! Check out our locations below to see where we're currently hosting events! Don't see an event near you? When we see enough interest brewing on our waitlist, we'll make our way to your city so you can join in on the fun! So why wait? Tell all your friends and join our waitlist now!


Ready to Join June?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
How much does it cost?
What's your Cancellation and No Show Policy?
How long does each date last for?
How long do events typically last?
Are there breaks in-between dates?
Will I have time to buy another drink or use the restroom during the event?
Do I need to keep my phone on me for the entire event?
What do I wear?
How do I let you know I liked my last date?
So I gave someone a like. Now what?
My date and I found each other a bit early. Can we just start chatting?
I can’t find my date. What should I do?
What happens if there's an uneven number of participants?
What's a break round?
Aside from what’s mentioned above, are there other rules?
I want to attend another event, but I'd rather not meet the same people again. Can you prevent that?
What if I don't match with anybody?
I’m 26 years-old but would rather register for the 28-35 age ranges. Am I allowed to?
What if I don’t see an option for my age group, gender identity, or orientation when I register for the waitlist?
Does June collaborate with the venues where events are hosted?
Will June send text messages to my phone after the event?
June Dating isn’t in my city. How do I get dating events going here?